GRIET e-Magazine (GeM) is an e-nitiative taken by Gokaraju Rangaraju Instittute of Engineering and Technology(GRIET) to encourage e-culture among its students. This will also serve as a wall for students to paint their thoughts and be as creative as their minds can be.

In this day and age, we see everyone using the internet to keep in touch, get news when it happens and many other things. It has ushered an era where digitally distributed media has become the main source of info for the masses. Using GeM we plan to raise the awareness of how this multifaceted internet can also serve as a medium for colleges to encourage creativity among its students.

Gem will be portal for students to showcase their oft hidden talents, be it in their literary skills or their knowledge of latest happenings in their respective field of interest.

Articles will be received and added throughout the month and added onto the blog roll so that people can always visit and expect something new to read. The ability to comment on articles will also help motivate further discussions on the topics written.

Editors will often post articles on present college happenings where students will get to speak out and be heard. We will also try to get words from respective faculty members on news regarding their field. Knowing what lecturers think of a certain event will definitely interest the students!

How to get your Article here

If you have written something that is in line with GeM’s theme and feel should be posted here, please send in your entries to

griet.refl at gmail dot com

Attach the article as a file to the mail (rather than copying the matter into the mail’s body) along with all the images(if any) for the post.

Be sure  to mention the following in the mail!

  • Name
  • Branch
  • Year, Section

And remember, no Plagiarism will be entertained.

How Does the articles reach the students?

All month long we will be accepting articles from the students, and posting them here at Gemzine.co.nr.Also, at every month’s 12th, a newsletter will be sent to all subscribers’ addresses giving a gist of the past month’s activity along with a note from the editors.

The First Newsletter can be found HERE

For any further queries, either post a comment here or contact us at griet.refl at gmail dot com


GeM Team

The Technical team
The Editorial Team
P.S.Phani Kumar
Divya  Gopal
Manjusha Gandham
Priyanka Sagar

15 thoughts on “About

  1. This is Ravi Teja,IT(B)….I feel that the blog doesnt have the professional look…..It’s not even attractive…Even the colour is dull….I think u ppl can get an better template for the website….

  2. Hi,
    This is a cool initiative. Really appreciating.
    But look forward to see this in http://www.griet.ac.in the official website.
    Ensure that a similar kind of blog is kept there.
    That will add to the importance of this blog.

    Nice going.


  3. This blog is the best thing that has ever happened 2 GRIET.
    We get to portray our skills..showcase our creativity..nd much more..
    Luking forward 2 a ‘NEXT LEVEL’ college.

  4. well this is a query,…is dat a compulsion to post topics related to given theme…..it would be better for us if given a choice ryt??

  5. HI


  6. Hi everyone .Well something to pen down abt this e magazine. it is a feather in griet achievements cap. This is really a good opportunity for grietians to express them. You can bring this site into more lime light by providing sum space in the official site of griet. Last request u can add sum more categories (sub topics) to make it much more interesting.

  7. hi friendz……….this is kireeti from eee-b(1year)
    i think this blog is very good but the thing i didnot liked is the template.please cahnge it for better appearance

  8. hi frndz……..im siva varma of eee_A, a fresher
    this blog contains a lot of things i like them.
    its very intresting to share some stuff with every 1
    nice idea which is implemented by our seniours all
    of our coll students r thankfull to them…………….

  9. Nice blog and the E-magzine is a nice idea
    but i think it is not active now.
    it was not reached all the students

  10. The E-mag is a gud idea n helps students to share their ideology… All da best,keep goin::: n happy independence day frndz

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