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A comical take on pressing issues.

HinduSTAN 2 YoungiSTAN

– BY B.Mrunalini : Mech. III Year

We are living in the times of youngistan and so, Hindustan has silently vanished from our minds and lives. Don’t agree with me? Then let’s see what Independence Day means to us? For school children it means the day when they get chocolates for going to school, for the hi-tech techie it means a day-off (finally!) from

Youngistan knows no Bounds.
Youngistan knows no Bounds.

work, for the politicians it is their day to flaunt that they are VIPs! For the P M it is the day to remind the whole nation that he is still “the PM”, for the thousand different news channels it is the day to increase their TRPs and finally, for the lousy you and me… well, just any other day to get up late! Welcome to the world of youngistan!
Does this mean that we, I mean youngistanis, are not patriotic or there are no elements of the original Hindustanis in us (their motto was Mera Bharat mahaan unlike ours yeh hai youngistan meri jaan)? Nay… we are the more evolved youngistanis and we flaunt our patriotism in more hi-tech ways than flag-hoisting. First and foremost, we write a really cool and a really catchy title (there will be dozens more so it has to be really really cool!) in our orkut or facebook accounts and then we send Happy Independence Day messages to all the 2008 and still counting number of friends (most of whom we actually don’t remember when they became our friends!) and then listen to apna A R Rahman ka vande mataram track (the old one is a cliché!) on our ipods. Then we get ready and wear our new jeans and T-shirt (remember it has to be branded and if it is imported, it is definitely much much better coz anything “desi” is just too ordinary!). The rest of the day is spent by taking a good glimpse of all the TV channels, youtube and patriotic communities in social networking sites so as to have a detailed discussion with others the next day.

But that doesn’t mean that youngistan is all about having no regard to our society or our country in general! The increased awareness among the youth (thanks to the same social networking sites and internet) is inspiring them to bring about changes to make our country a better place to live in. There are numerous examples where these white-collared techies are bending the norms and are trying to do their part, whether trying to ease out the traffic in city centers or bringing about radical changes like the RTI act. School children and students holding rallies, seminars and workshops to protect our environment or for other general social issues like child labor, terrorism, HIV Aids etc. has now become a phenomenon. Spurthi, an NGO for children, run by Srivyal Vuyyuri(M.Com.)is just an example among thousands. Youth of today have become socially more responsible than ever before. Despite having an unconventional (I mean, non-hindustani) lifestyles or attitudes, we love our country as much as our khadi and Gandhi-topi wearing Hindustanis. Youngistan stands for a new hope to make India reach new heights.

“Youngistan promotes the belief that things can be changed and a new India can be built!”


BullsEye: In a Classroom.

-By Divya Gopal : IT III Year

” The best minds are often found on the back benches”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The beautiful monsoon rains and a spectacular view out of a classroom window….hold on…now where did classroom veneer out of thin air….ahh…well the irony is just that…a 2 hour long hard hitting lecture on the database design amongst the most bemused backdrop ever….an engineering classroom!

The class hits off with what’s database, why do we study it (??) but a certain you is too busy rummaging through her sack of books for a 4 by 4 cm parchment called the time table and as if knocked out of her reverie of sharing the centre stage with Joe Satriani on the lead guitar…u quite loudly exclaim your exhaustion.

“Lord…not Database Design again!”…after earning a growling acknowledgement to behave and amused and tardy stares, you involuntarily are made to descend the world of an engineering classroom…the slides over slides on the projector make innumerable never-to-be read entries in your two timed notebook of DD and ADS! At first you give a sincere try to sit back erect, ignore the “empty your inbox” call on your mobile and LISTEN to the class…yep…you tried to do that…its all going fine until you realize that you are seeing two DS teachers asking you “What is a query?!”…the bookish inkhorn on the first bench sneers at you as to what a cake walk it is! And, you, poor you only know that a spade has been struck at your throat…ruthlessly! For a saving grace you look on to the white washed looking white board with the dark black pen lines playing tricks on you….you see 4 lines instead of one….ahh….you had sincerely slept over the last ten min in which you were supposed to sincerely listen…! you just stand there trying hard to “remember” and answer this one question….but all the memory evades you and you are struck down by amnesia…a quick temporary one…it was as if you were stunned by an “obliviate” charm and you helplessly look around for  your pals to rescue you! But damn them! one busy into an Archie comic, the other in her oblivious world of mobile phone and the last one keeping the face of Socrates who seemed too pensive to bail you out… So you still standing there to be ousted off the class…but alas! The gods or rather the demons decided to punish u for your karmas

The teacher simply mouths you a word of advice and you find yourself promptly sitting at the place you were at the beginning of the lecture…the fateful last bench on database design lecture with an absent marked on the attendance sheet!