-BY Y.V. Reetesh : CSE III Year

This past month was quite an eventful one. The atmosphere was very pleasant and unique with cool winds flowing all around the campus for a greater part of the month with occasional heavy-rains which clearly spoke “Its Rainy Season” @Campus.

A Variety of events and seminars were held by various communities at our campus, which were very informative and helpful to all the attendees.

The booth attracted a lot of attention
The booth attracted a lot of attention

“The Advantage Mac!” Visits Campus

Aug 8-9

We had Representatives from Apple setting up a demonstration booth in Block 1 where they showed off the latest MacBooks (Apple branded Laptops running Mac OS) which were available for a special discount for every student in the college. Students gathered around to have a look at these MacBooks, which were pretty new to most of them, as they ran on a completely different OS from Windows, which is what everyone had got accustomed to.

– Open Source WorkShop by Twincling

Aug 9th

On Saturday August 9th a Workshop on Open source Programming was conducted by the good people at Twincling. Who enlightened the students of CSE department on the various aspects of Open Source programming and also clarified many myths that people believe when its comes to Open Source Software. They even gave demonstrations on Virtualization and described its Usage and importance in the industry today.There were Q&A sessions too, where participants were given “Twincling” T-Shirts for answering correctly, or asking a good question.

All in all the workshop ended with everyone having a very fresh experience with new and interesting concepts sown in students’ mind.

e-Trix Robotics Workshop

Aug 9-10

Alumni of IIT Mumbai organised a Robotics Workshop @ Griet campus for its students. Around 40 Teams of 4 students each, from various branches participated in the event. It included many activities, starting from seminars on basics of electronics and Robotics to actually building a functional e-bot.

By the end of the first day, students, who were just novices the day before, had succesfully made their own fully functional “e-bots”.

E-Bots that could sense Light and Travel – “PhotoVore” , E-bots that turned in response to claps and “Line Riders” that traveled along a built path, were among 5 different kinds of e-bots that the participants constructed by themeselves by the end of the 2 day workshop.

The “LineRider” in Action. Created @ e-Trix WorkShop

The workshop was a grand success with every student having a great time working with robots and also learning new things in the field of Robotics.

The Art of Happiness

Aug 10th

There was also a “Art of Happiness” Seminar conducted at college , which enlightened the attendees on how to live a healthy and happy life.

That is all for a round up of the happenings around college, Keep watching this space for the latest happenings around the college.


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