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Tech Review: The Sony S610

– By Ananth Choalla : IT III Year

Sony is back with its latest portable media player “THE NWZ-S610”.The S610 come under the Walkmanbrand of

The Sony S610
The Sony S610

Sony. This looks like Sony’s serious attempt to challenge Apple’s iPod and the efforts don’t seem good enough.

At the first look it seems small compared to iPod classic but larger than the iPod nano and has a 2-GB memory. It has a 1.8 inch LCD and below it is the navigation pad. The navigation pad is simple and easy to use and has two shortcut buttons one for Home/Back and the other for Power On/Off. The volume and the hold switch are present on the opposite sides. File transfer is simple as Sony has chose to go with the drag and drop or it can also be done through Windows media player. It seems that Sony has finally discarded its SonicStage and opted to go with PlayForSure.

It plays audio (MP3, WMA, non-protected AAC), video (MPEG-4 and JPEG pictures. Video support is limited to MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC. It has FM Radio and plenty of audio enhancements, like 5 preset-equalizers and 2 customizable options, DSEE, Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and Surround sound effects.

The earplugs do not do a good job as they sound average and the bass isn’t effective. It sounds better with different pair and the Sony MDR-EX700LP is recommended. The bass sounded good and so did the mids. The highs are not as sweet as expected which probably is clear while listening to light music. But it does a good job while listening to Rock/Metal/Hip-hop and the Clear Bass enhances the experience by providing clear, tight and deep bass. Video on the small screen is crisp and clear. There is no blur or fade effect that is seen in other LCD screens. But the limited memory restricts one from watching video as it requires a lot of space which is a scarcity. The FM reception is fair enough. The claimed playback time of the battery is 33hrs but it could only stay up to 28hrs.

All this makes the S610 Walkman a good media player form the house of Sony except for the price. Putting a 6 grand tag on this player for its small screen and insufficient memory has to be justified.