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Think you can do this ??

The rotating cube in the image is nice to see, right?

But then, do you think you have the skills to implement it using “C” ? Get your Brain cracking and try it!

Problem statement:

Implement a cube using C with one face of it colored, which can be rotated on any arbitrary axis when you press a key (when you press

“up arrow” it rotates through 15 degrees, clock wise and

“down arrow” to rotate through 15 degrees, counter clock wise).

We all know that its not going to appear in a JNTU exam, but then, its worth doing, as you are going to win yourself Rs 500/- hard cash sponsored by our Principal, Prof. Jandhyala N Murthy!

All correct submissions will be evaluated and the best among those will be awarded the prize. Email your Answers as an attachment to  griet.refl at gmail dot com

For any Further queries please use the comment feature.