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Book Review -The Three Mistakes of My Life

– BY Phani Kumar P.S. : CSE III Year

The hatrick book fails to play the trick!”

The 3 Mistakeers

“The three mistakes of my Life” the third book from one of India’s bestselling English author Chetan Bagath is a bit disappointing attempt to continue his golden run. The first two books were big hits and even went on to form the basis for two major bollywood movies which are in the making.

Unlike his previous books, the author chose to build the plot in a small city rather than the big metros. His idea was to bring in more Indian-ness to the story which was not achieved to the fullest extent. The story mainly revolves around three friends Govind(the narrator), Ishaan and Omi who have varied interests of Business, Cricket, Religion.

The story starts off with the author receiving a “final mail” from Govind, a native of Ahmedabad, whom he traces and pays a visit at the hospital and Govind starts narrating his story. From there its all about how Govind starts a business
and faces the challenges of life with his friends, viz. calamities, communal riot’s and of course a tragic love affair. Talking about the language and the style of narration, its simple and catchy. Well then, if you are a cricket fan, you’ve got some fond memories in store.

The three aspects he is dealing with are the most typical interests of many common Indians, but they fail to set the tone of the story, as the impressive moments are few, and the drag at couple of occasions cuts down the pace of the story.

But then again, there are fairly enough frames which are worth appraisal, particularly when dealing with cricket and few involving the female lead. The main drawback was the climax, which is full of riot’s issues, that mainly disinterests the youth, which constitutes the larger pool of readers for Chetan.

So my final say would be, it’s worth a read but be prepared to be bored a
bit and end up with something less than you’d expect from Chetan.