CounterPoint: Nature Unobserved?

– By G.Manjusha : IT III year

What kind of world do we live in??? Practical, insensitive, humorless, almost mechanical lives which we have dubbed as “being busy”, “career planning” and the “ideal lifestyle” tag. You guys don’t agree with me??? Fine then when was the last time you truly enjoyed a walk in the park…And when I say truly I mean without your phone ringing or listening to your ipod. Hmm…thinking? Ok now don’t go back to when you were 2!Do you have a favourite tree in college , which you gaze at or laze around with your friends? What I’m trying to say is that all of us have become either couch potatoes or net addicts.  I’m not against television or anything, infact I love television and the internet as much as the next person.

The point is all of us are so entangled and self absorbed in ourselves that we stopped paying attention to the smaller things in life. I remember the first time it rained when we were in college. All of us just stood in the corridor motionless, admiring the stretch of white fog engulfing the hills and a distant lake like a mystical blanket. We were awestruck, almost trance-like. We were brought out of our reverie when somebody in the background said “Damn! Yaar. We’re going to have a tough time getting home! Did it have to rain today?” But when was the last time you actually enjoyed getting drenched without worrying about your hair getting messed up or your shoes getting soiled? I remember a quotation “A few moments spent in the lap of nature would open the mystic doors of your heart”.

For generations, the environment has been a part of our living heritage.  But now in a frantic race against time and pseudo-culture, we are losing the very heritage that is precious to us .I’m no fundamentalist but I’m just saying that we as a part of the environment should cherish the beauty around us. The seasons , the perfect geometry of an icicle, the wonderful color combinations around us, the wide range of sounds and fragrances.  Nope … I’m not asking you not to go out of your way to hug a tree…I’m just suggesting that you go on a long drive or a walk when you are really bored, rather than watching Hrithik dancing to Dhoom Machale for the millionth time!!! There is more to life than an iphone or a new pulsar. Embrace other things, the smaller things in life. Like watching a rainbow from your balcony after a shower, or a walk in the moist grass or even gazing at your favorite tree……


BullsEye: In a Classroom.

-By Divya Gopal : IT III Year

” The best minds are often found on the back benches”

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The beautiful monsoon rains and a spectacular view out of a classroom window….hold on…now where did classroom veneer out of thin air….ahh…well the irony is just that…a 2 hour long hard hitting lecture on the database design amongst the most bemused backdrop ever….an engineering classroom!

The class hits off with what’s database, why do we study it (??) but a certain you is too busy rummaging through her sack of books for a 4 by 4 cm parchment called the time table and as if knocked out of her reverie of sharing the centre stage with Joe Satriani on the lead guitar…u quite loudly exclaim your exhaustion.

“Lord…not Database Design again!”…after earning a growling acknowledgement to behave and amused and tardy stares, you involuntarily are made to descend the world of an engineering classroom…the slides over slides on the projector make innumerable never-to-be read entries in your two timed notebook of DD and ADS! At first you give a sincere try to sit back erect, ignore the “empty your inbox” call on your mobile and LISTEN to the class…yep…you tried to do that…its all going fine until you realize that you are seeing two DS teachers asking you “What is a query?!”…the bookish inkhorn on the first bench sneers at you as to what a cake walk it is! And, you, poor you only know that a spade has been struck at your throat…ruthlessly! For a saving grace you look on to the white washed looking white board with the dark black pen lines playing tricks on you….you see 4 lines instead of one….ahh….you had sincerely slept over the last ten min in which you were supposed to sincerely listen…! you just stand there trying hard to “remember” and answer this one question….but all the memory evades you and you are struck down by amnesia…a quick temporary one…it was as if you were stunned by an “obliviate” charm and you helplessly look around for  your pals to rescue you! But damn them! one busy into an Archie comic, the other in her oblivious world of mobile phone and the last one keeping the face of Socrates who seemed too pensive to bail you out… So you still standing there to be ousted off the class…but alas! The gods or rather the demons decided to punish u for your karmas

The teacher simply mouths you a word of advice and you find yourself promptly sitting at the place you were at the beginning of the lecture…the fateful last bench on database design lecture with an absent marked on the attendance sheet!

Spotlight: Pay it Forward

– By T.Mihika : BT III Year

Ever heard the Michael Jackson song ‘Man in the Mirror’? It goes like this…

I’m gonna make a change for once in my life.It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference,
gonna make it right…
I see little kids on the street, with not enough to eat,
who am I to be blind pretending to see their need?….
I’m talking with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways. No message could have been clearer.
If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.

‘Change the world’ or ‘change yourself to change the world’ or ‘you are the beginning of change’. Easy to say these things but when it comes down to actually doing something about it, it’s very very very hard. Or is it?? The problem is when we start to think about trying to fix the world, we always think about the global issues like nuclear deals, global warming, drug trafficking. We miss the point here. We can’t change the world overnight… nobody can. Then the obvious conclusion is that we start with the small issues, the everyday stuff.

How many of you throw the wrapper of a chocolate in a dustbin? Do you atleast look for a dustbin? If there is no dustbin around, do you put the wrapper in your bag so that you can go home and dispose it properly? 99% of the people just throw it on the road. The reasoning behind this being “the roads are full of trash anyway… “. This is one of the most pathetic excuses that an educated person can give. It’s easy to put the blame on the government or the municipality. It’s easy to put the blame on anyone except ourselves. The actual reason behind throwing crap on the streets is ‘indifference’. WE JUST DON’T CARE. Stop spitting on roads. STOP giving excuses suitable for illiterate ignorant farm labors. This is where you can start making a change. This is how you are going to start making a difference. Start with small things like this to change yourself.

So what’s next? There’s an answer to this question too. And this time the idea instead of a song comes from a movie called “Pay it forward”. An assignment ‘Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action’ is given to 7th class kids. One of the kids comes up with the concept of ‘pay it forward’. It’s a very simple but beautiful idea. Help someone, it can be the smallest thing, like helping an old person cross the road or opening the lift door for a person whose hands are full. And then tell them to pay it forward or pass it on. It’s a beginning, a small start to a bright future. So start today and pass on the torch to the world. Pay it Forward.