My Dream…

– BY Tushin Agarwal : ECE II Year

My dream…
Everybody has a dream… Where did mine go? I saw a bright future, a resurgent tomorrow, a progressive today… what happened to it? I watched my country lead the way in upholding the virtues of democracy, liberty and fraternity.
I had visions of youth strong enough to take a stand and stick to it… no questions asked… a youth strong within itself…
Where has it all gone? What has it become?
Today my nation is a hub for terror attacks, a market for drugs, a convention of corruption… dormant youth, oppressive societies. What am I doing for my nation? To my nation?

Dream is not what you see in sleep...
Dream is not what you see in sleep...

I’m the youth of tomorrow, the child of today… it’s my responsibility to see a nation proud of its people, a family proud of its children.
They say we have come a long way from the days of British raj…I say have we come far enough?
Untouchability, slavery have been abolished… but are they truly gone? In the1900’s, we had a Mahatma who showed us a way out of the oppressive British regime… where is the 21st century Mahatma?
They tell us that India has become a progressive nation where equality and liberty are upheld… I ask what about those who face discrimination at work, defamation in society, and compulsion in lifestyle? Who will rise from the ranks of the slaved and lift their voice in a clarion call for change? Will it be me who shall shape their future?
Yes, we have come far from the oppressive stigma of the 20th century but can we afford to slow down now? Advances in literacy, standards of living, healthcare point the way to a healthy, vibrant tomorrow. Economically, militarily, diplomatically India is growing; at a fast pace…the question is what is the rest of the country doing? Why has it left the needy, the trodden-upon behind?
India has a voice in the World Bank, the United Nations. Why can’t I hear my own voice?
Nations today are measured by their worth in their own people’s eyes. One that addresses the maxim “for the people, by the people, to the people” is truly a great nation. A nation whose people are proud of their contribution is a proud nation, a blissful country, a home to come back to.
I want to make my dream a reality. I want to see my nation where it rightly belongs, a visionary, a pioneer, a leader. Must I not do something for my own? Shall I wait for another to see for me, act for me, dream for me??


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