Spotlight: Pay it Forward

– By T.Mihika : BT III Year

Ever heard the Michael Jackson song ‘Man in the Mirror’? It goes like this…

I’m gonna make a change for once in my life.It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference,
gonna make it right…
I see little kids on the street, with not enough to eat,
who am I to be blind pretending to see their need?….
I’m talking with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways. No message could have been clearer.
If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change.

‘Change the world’ or ‘change yourself to change the world’ or ‘you are the beginning of change’. Easy to say these things but when it comes down to actually doing something about it, it’s very very very hard. Or is it?? The problem is when we start to think about trying to fix the world, we always think about the global issues like nuclear deals, global warming, drug trafficking. We miss the point here. We can’t change the world overnight… nobody can. Then the obvious conclusion is that we start with the small issues, the everyday stuff.

How many of you throw the wrapper of a chocolate in a dustbin? Do you atleast look for a dustbin? If there is no dustbin around, do you put the wrapper in your bag so that you can go home and dispose it properly? 99% of the people just throw it on the road. The reasoning behind this being “the roads are full of trash anyway… “. This is one of the most pathetic excuses that an educated person can give. It’s easy to put the blame on the government or the municipality. It’s easy to put the blame on anyone except ourselves. The actual reason behind throwing crap on the streets is ‘indifference’. WE JUST DON’T CARE. Stop spitting on roads. STOP giving excuses suitable for illiterate ignorant farm labors. This is where you can start making a change. This is how you are going to start making a difference. Start with small things like this to change yourself.

So what’s next? There’s an answer to this question too. And this time the idea instead of a song comes from a movie called “Pay it forward”. An assignment ‘Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action’ is given to 7th class kids. One of the kids comes up with the concept of ‘pay it forward’. It’s a very simple but beautiful idea. Help someone, it can be the smallest thing, like helping an old person cross the road or opening the lift door for a person whose hands are full. And then tell them to pay it forward or pass it on. It’s a beginning, a small start to a bright future. So start today and pass on the torch to the world. Pay it Forward.


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