CounterPoint: Nature Unobserved?

– By G.Manjusha : IT III year

What kind of world do we live in??? Practical, insensitive, humorless, almost mechanical lives which we have dubbed as “being busy”, “career planning” and the “ideal lifestyle” tag. You guys don’t agree with me??? Fine then when was the last time you truly enjoyed a walk in the park…And when I say truly I mean without your phone ringing or listening to your ipod. Hmm…thinking? Ok now don’t go back to when you were 2!Do you have a favourite tree in college , which you gaze at or laze around with your friends? What I’m trying to say is that all of us have become either couch potatoes or net addicts.  I’m not against television or anything, infact I love television and the internet as much as the next person.

The point is all of us are so entangled and self absorbed in ourselves that we stopped paying attention to the smaller things in life. I remember the first time it rained when we were in college. All of us just stood in the corridor motionless, admiring the stretch of white fog engulfing the hills and a distant lake like a mystical blanket. We were awestruck, almost trance-like. We were brought out of our reverie when somebody in the background said “Damn! Yaar. We’re going to have a tough time getting home! Did it have to rain today?” But when was the last time you actually enjoyed getting drenched without worrying about your hair getting messed up or your shoes getting soiled? I remember a quotation “A few moments spent in the lap of nature would open the mystic doors of your heart”.

For generations, the environment has been a part of our living heritage.  But now in a frantic race against time and pseudo-culture, we are losing the very heritage that is precious to us .I’m no fundamentalist but I’m just saying that we as a part of the environment should cherish the beauty around us. The seasons , the perfect geometry of an icicle, the wonderful color combinations around us, the wide range of sounds and fragrances.  Nope … I’m not asking you not to go out of your way to hug a tree…I’m just suggesting that you go on a long drive or a walk when you are really bored, rather than watching Hrithik dancing to Dhoom Machale for the millionth time!!! There is more to life than an iphone or a new pulsar. Embrace other things, the smaller things in life. Like watching a rainbow from your balcony after a shower, or a walk in the moist grass or even gazing at your favorite tree……


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