Books worth getting.

To Kill a Mocking Bird
To Kill a Mocking Bird

To Kill A Mocking Bird, a Pulitzer prize winning novel by Harper Lee is one of the classics of modern fiction. Set in the period of The great depression, the novel truely presents the racial and social inequalities prevalent in America during that period. Though, the book deals with serious issues, it is a very warm and at times humourous. Due to the excellent blend of humour, warmth and a serious plot, To Kill a Mocking Bird, is still among the most widely read novels. A must-read for all book lovers!!!!!

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pages: 309
Price: Rs.255.00

The Kite Runner
The Kite Runner

“For you, a thousand times over….” The Kite Runner by Khalid Hossieni is a novel about human emotions. Set in the backdrop of pre-Taliban Afghanisthan and America, The Kite Runner is a very well written, almost poetic book which might even prove thought -provking for some of us. Definitely worth reading!!!

Publisher : 2003, Paperback, Bloomsbury ( Penguin Books)
Author : Khaled Hosseini
Pages : 324
MRP:Rs. 320


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  1. Hi..
    This is gita from….
    This blog is quite interesting…and its got a very different look…
    Good going guys!!

    “To Kill A Mocking Bird” and “The Kite Runner” are a very good books….and do read them at least once….

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